Area 4 candidates Richard Dorn and Cole Machado were scheduled to participate, but Machado cited a last-minute emergency and pulled out.


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Posted: Mar 2, 2006 11:17 PM

This weekend I am going to the Queer Youth Advocacy Day in Sacramento at the Capitol. It is sponsored by the GSA Network. I am going to be a leader of youth who will be lobbying the elected officals for AB 606 (safer schools legislation).

I am the only person from our neck of the woods. Its going to be a blast. I will report back here about how it went! Thanks for all the work Spectrum is doing and I hope to be able to help with it and expand it.

Here is the website. and here on myspace

Join GSA Network, Equality California, and hundreds of youth activists for Queer Youth Advocacy Day in Sacramento at the capitol on March 6, 2006. Talk to lawmakers about what it's really like for LGBTQ students in CA schools. Lobby for safer schools legislation (AB 606) & help to end discrimination and harassment for all students in California.

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I like to listen to the Radio....Coast to Coast AM is one of my favorites. I also like Dr. Laura!!!

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I found a book at a Yard Sale the other day. Its something Gay Encyclopedia. Should be interesting! Kinda like reading the phone book but gayer.

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