Republicans target minority group to spare own corruption

by Jake Pickering, 5/18/2006

Dear Editor,
Every election it’s the same thing with these bigoted Republicans: target a minority group for attack to take mainstream media attention away from what corrupt Republican officeholders are up to.

In each of the following recent elections, the Republican Party apparatus — under the thumb of known national security threat Karl Rove — has attempted to focus popular discontent on one beleaguered minority, or another: in 2000 (it was African-Americans and “Jews for Buchanan”), 2002 (Muslims and foreigners generally), 2004 (gays and lesbians), 2006 (Latinos and immigrants) and in 2008, rest assured, it will be someone else, because the last thing Republicans can afford to do politically is to discuss their laughable record of failure, mismanagement and criminal wrongdoing while in office.

According to the screaming ignorant hoard of professional Bush Administration brown-nosers who clog the public airwaves like filth in a drainpipe, we the American people are supposedly no longer allowed to question the source of our discontent — the corporate robber barons and their paid-off political servants in the Republican Party!

Lee Raymond can rob the country blind as Exxon-Valdez’s captain, then abandon ship with a $400 million lifeboat.

Our poor young Americans are dying by the thousands in Bush and Cheney’s manufactured war in the Middle East on behalf of oil companies like Exxon-Mobil. We were forced, in the infamous words of daffy Donald Rumsfeld, “to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want.”

Let us not forget that the Republican-controlled Congress voted for articles of impeachment in 1998, on a purely private matter, against a Democratic President Clinton, who had a 65 percent approval rating.

And let us not forget that once Democrats regain control of the House and Senate this November, the current Republican president, who is at 33 percent and still failing per the latest Fox “news” poll, and Dick Cheney, who is reeling from a new record low approval rating of any national politicians in American polling history of 18 percent, will be facing an altogether unfamiliar political terrain — actual opposition and accountability in Congress. It’s about time.

Jake Pickering

Jesus, not DeLay, was a victim of religious prosecution

On March 31, 2006, Tony Rudy, former deputy chief of staff to Republican Representative Tom DeLay from Texas, pled guilty to conspiring to bribe public officials and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their expanding criminal corruption probe of Republican wrongdoing in Washington, D.C. According to the Justice Department, “The purpose of the conspiracy was for defendant Rudy and his co-conspirators to unjustly enrich themselves.”

Previously, Tom DeLay’s press secretary and communications director both turned state’s evidence as well. And facing his own upcoming trial in Texas for money laundering, in addition to the impending federal indictments to be issued against the disgraced former House Majority Leader, Republican Tom DeLay bitterly announced his resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives on April 4, 2006.

“As difficult as this decision has been for me, it’s not going to be a great day for liberal Democrats either,” DeLay insisted. I wholeheartedly disagree. Regressive Republican Tom Delay’s forced resignation is a great day for all patriotic Americans!
In denial and cluelessly defiant to the end, Tom DeLay even accepted a plane from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco to fly to his arraignment: “There’s nothing wrong with it … They had a plane available … You can’t prove to me one thing I have done for my own personal gain … Yes, I play golf. I’m very proud of the fact I play golf. It’s the one thing that I do for myself … I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never done anything in my political career for my own personal gain.”

Sorry, Mr. DeLay, but there are witnesses, bank transactions and e-mails piled high that prove otherwise. The “I am not a crook” public relations strategy did not work for Richard Nixon either. Time to get real, Republicans – your leader is a crook!

To date, this current Republican corruption scandal (just one of many) has primarily centered on the conservative former chairman of the College Republicans National Committee lobbyist Jack Abramoff, whom the indicted DeLay once called “one of my closest and dearest friends.” Of course, if you had been the corrupt recipient of as much illegal largesse as DeLay has, courtesy of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, you might feel friendly too: free all-expenses-paid luxury trips to Russia, Saipan, South Korea, London, Scotland, etc.; free box seats for Washington Redskins football games; and $65,000 in corrupt congressional cash that we know of (with probably millions more given illegally, if the recent sordid bribery conviction of former Republican Representative from California Randy “Duke” Cunningham is the parallel).

“I said a little prayer before I actually did the fingerprint thing,” said the delusional DeLay after he was booked on campaign finance fraud and money laundering charges. Some of DeLay’s paranoid Republican apologists have resorted to unhinged hysterics by playing the Christian card, erroneously claiming that DeLay the Baptist is the subject of religious prosecution! No, Republicans, like usual, you are wrong. Jesus of Nazareth was a victim of religious prosecution. DeLay, however, is nothing more than a Pharisee. DeLay gives the word “Christian” a bad name.

Do these hypothetical, self-righteous Republican moneychangers in the temple own the same Bible as the rest of us, or instead do they all read some strange right-wing Washington Times Moonie version of the good book? Sorry, Republicans, but I must have missed the verses in the New Testament where Jesus advocated the Republican Party’s favorite activities: bribery, graft, gay-bashing and holy wars for Halliburton.

But Jesus did say the following (Matthew Chapter 19, Verses 23 and 24): “Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again, I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Wake up, Republicans! Greed is not good.

Jake Pickering is a resident of Arcata.

Banana Republicans

I would afford some modicum of respect for right-wing reactionary Republicans if they possessed the satisfactory spinal capicity to admit the fact that as part of the shortsighted minority (by 540,000 votes) to perforate paper for Illegitimate George - an idiotic buffoon with cocaine and alcohol induced brain damage to boot - they bear responsibility for this atrocious accident. Plainly, Little AWOL Georgie is the least qualified person ever to assume (or presume) the title of "president." When riding the rocky ribald road that will be the following four years, don't listen to what Banana Republican Bush apologists say - watch what they do.

For starters, whatever happened to the Ignorant Interloper's moronic mantra: "I'm a uniter, not a divider?" Resident Bush's Christian Coalition crackpots, utterly obsessed with their hatred for Clinton/Clinton/Gore - and obviously there's much more vitriolic venom in store from these mad dog "conservative" bores - considered installing George Wilkes Bush in office necessary more important than conducting a free and fair democratic presidential election open to every American citizen, regardless of their religion or race. The millenialist mob of fundamentalist fanatics, who spent the past eight years throwing stones from the imagined safety of their glass mansions at those whom they accuse of undermining traditional American values, have just aided and abetted the most anti-American action imaginable: the subversion and hijacking of our "democratic" republic by an unelected, dimwitted duo of drunkdriving Texas oil tycoons! I don't buy this New World Order "Bushit." Call me oldfashioned if you must, but I prefer my presidents democratically elected; thank you very much. (Silly me, we thought this was a democracy!) After all, the reason for the Amercian Revolution WAS TO RID US OF THE MONARCHY. And, since those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, it looks as if it's high time to kick King George's arrogant ass out of the colonies yet again. But look at it this way: it will be one-helluva-lot-of-fun my friends!

Jake Pickering



P.O. Box 3050 , Eureka , CA 95502 (707) 832-8005
-- January 2, 2007 --

In her December 31, 2006 Times-Standard “My Word” column titled “Being All You Can Be, We Need The Best In Our Military”, Kris Morrisey wrote the following: “I am ashamed of the behavior of those who would lessen their commitment and sacrifice…. I am frustrated by the continuing denigration of our armed forces. Disagree with our president; debate about foreign policy; don’t put a yellow ‘Support Our Troops’ ribbon on your car; but stop besmirching the reputation of our military men and women….”

If anyone should be ashamed of themselves (other than the shortsighted political “leaders” who supported this inane, greed-based fiasco), it is Kris Morrisey! How typically dishonest and deceitful for a partisan Republican like Morrisey to label the opponents of Bush & Cheney’s unnecessary quagmire in Iraq as opponents of the U.S. military. Morrisey’s anemic assertions simply could not be further from the truth.

Did you miss the news about numerous, recently-retired American generals speaking out against the current counterproductive policy and those incompetent neo-cons (like Donald Rumsfeld) for leading the United States down this demented, disastrous foreign policy path in the Middle East?

An overwhelming majority of Americans now demand that our military men and women be withdrawn ASAP from Bush & Cheney’s illegal war for oil and imperial expansion. Why? Because we actually do support our troops, unlike those Republican war criminals in The White House who have willfully murdered thousands of patriotic Americans (along with hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi civilians) in an effort to make themselves and their business partners-in-crime even more filthy rich than they already are.

And, oh….by the way, where is that most infamous Bush family business partner of all = Osama bin Laden? Did you “smoke him out” yet, Mr. Bush, Junior? Or, have you not personally profited enough from your debacle to date?

Hey, who needs universal health insurance or a cleaner environment? So long as lying, cowardly racist oil men from Texas get what they want!

Poor Kris Morrisey has apparently been “functioning” with her head-in-the-sand these past few years (or solely relying on FOX “News” and the Republican Arkley-owned Eureka Reporter for her disinformation).

Did you miss the news from our intelligence agencies (all of them) contradicting Bush & Cheney’s propaganda campaign falsely portraying Iraq as an imminent threat to U.S. national security? Where are those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, Mr. “President”?

Did you miss the news from our intelligence community that neither Saddam Hussein nor his regime had any role in the 9/11 attacks, whatsoever?

Did you also miss out on reading the Project For The American Century’s Hitlerian manifesto titled “Rebuilding America ’s Defenses” from September 2000? The entire Bush/Cheney imperial agenda is laid bare in print for all to see in this single document, which you can download online (for free) at

Being a faithful fan of Bush & Cheney’s immoral, bloodthirsty misadventure, Kris Morrisey also made this statement (shockingly, without any apparent sign of irony): “We live in a country where too many people believe that serving in the military is for someone else to do. It’s someone else’s duty. Not my child. I highly recommend ‘AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America ’s Upper Classes from Military Service – and How It Hurts Our Country.”

Did the irony-deficient Morrisey miss the news about George Bush, Junior being Absent Without Leave (AWOL) from the Alabama National Guard for a period of 18 months during war time in 1972-73?

Did you also miss the news about Dick “Chickenhawk” Cheney asking for - and receiving - a total of FIVE deferments from military service during the Vietnam War, another wholly unjustified slaughter which both Bush & Cheney claim to have “supported?”

Maybe one day these naïve, hypocritical Republican warmongers will finally learn to take this wisdom to heart: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Especially if your last name is Bush.

End this unforgiveable, murderous occupation, Mr. Bush! Bring our friends and family home from this bloodbath – NOW! We are done asking nicely, and we will force your hand, if necessary. Either leave Iraq , or leave office – your choice. Your time is up.


Money isn't everything, Mr. Arkley

My Word by Jake Pickering
Eureka Times Standard

According to the Times-Standard's Sept. 22 edition, far right-wing foreclosure king Rob Arkley Jr. cravenly continues his personal silence regarding Arkley's recent felonious physical assault of Eureka City Council member Larry Glass.

At least King Arkley has excused his Security National serfs from local media mop-up detail in favor of the Arkley clan's newly appointed spokesliar from Contra Costa County, Steven Glazer, whose asinine attempt to label Larry Glass an “insurgent in this war” is several steps beyond the pale of civil discourse.

As if Arkley's threats against Councilmember Glass weren't enough already!

Why should anyone in our community -- except for those sycophants who receive their paychecks from King Arkley personally (including the entire staff of Arkley's Eureka Reporter newspaper) -- be surprised that a billionaire Republican bully with an anger management problem would attempt to libel and discredit a perceived political opponent by the use of the loaded phrase “insurgent?”

Perhaps the confused conservative Rob Arkley Jr. could use a vocabulary lesson.

Please pay attention, Mr. Arkley....

The term “insurgent” is defined as: “Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government” or “rebelling against the leadership of apolitical party.”

I, Jake Pickering, could rightly be called “an insurgent” as I have publicly rebelled against the ineffective “leaders” of my Democratic Party, having gone so far as to challenge conservative Blue Dog Congressman Mike Thompson to either support the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, or to expect progressive populist opposition in the June 2008 Democratic primary.

However, Eureka City Council member Larry Glass is definitely not “an insurgent.” The voters of Eureka elected Larry Glass to be part of the “established authority” in Eureka municipal government, whether King Arkley likes it or not!

Is Rob Arkley unaware of the voters' decision? Or is King Arkley giving himself away by his aggressive authoritarian actions, proving that Arkley does in fact fancy himself and all of his inherited riches as the “established authority” in Humboldt County?

Having contributed millions of dollars to the Republican Party and some of the most reprehensible right-wing political candidates in our nation's living memory (even including hundreds of thousands of dollars donated personally by Arkley's young, pampered heiresses Elizabeth and Allison), it is no wonder why Rob Arkley is in such a foul mood. Just look at the opinion polls. Even King Arkley's inherited riches can't save the hapless and hopeless Republican Party now!

Mr. Arkley, if you insist on using dangerously loaded language to label your political opponents, then at least have the intelligence to use the language correctly.

For instance, the definition of the word “terrorism” is: “The calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to obtain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature, that is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.”

The only reason this definition of “terrorism” doesn't fit Rob Arkley's violent actions against Larry Glass is because council member Glass, having been elected, is no longer a mere civilian.

In addition, the definition of “fascist” is: “A reactionary or dictatorial person.”

Take a good, long look in the mirror now. Sound like anyone you know, King Arkley?

Rob Arkley, try as he might, will never transform Eureka into his “fascist” fiefdom. Arkleyville is dead on arrival.

I remain confident that the good people of Eureka will stand up for their democratic rights and defend their community against the billionaire bully from Baton Rouge, no matter how many threats King Arkley makes.

Money isn't everything, Mr. Arkley. Community is. Power to the people!


Outrageous Liar

There is no example Bush apologists can point to when the Supreme Court has ever upheld warrantless wiretapping within the United States. By law, the National Security Agency is prohibited from spying on American citizens, permanent residents and American corporations. Since its creation by Congress in 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court has rejected a grand total of five warrant requests. The FISA court is the equivalent of a rubber stamp for the executive branch. There are no legal or tactical imperatives whatsoever that would justify the Bush administration's voluminous violations of US law by illegally circumventing FISA. George W. Bush claims he first authorized the NSA's clandestine domestic spying operation in the year 2002. This assertion by Bush is an outrageous lie, irrefutably contradicted not only by numerous whistleblowers inside the NSA, but by declassified materials obtained by that prove domestic spying was initiated by the NSA shortly after George W. Bush assumed the presidency in January of 2001 -- many months prior to 9/11. US Air Force General Michael Hayden, who headed Bush's NSA until he became Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte's principal deputy in April of 2005, said the following on Jan. 22: "We're not violating the law ... Had this program been in effect prior to 9/11, it is my professional judgment that we would have detected some of the al Qaeda operatives in the United States."

And on Jan. 6, Vice President Dick Cheney said: "If we'd been able to do this before 9/11, we might have been able to pick up on two hijackers who subsequently flew a jet into the Pentagon."

Well, in fact, these liars were overseeing widespread illegal domestic spying well before 9/11! So, the question remains: What did they know, and when did they know it? And why did the Bush administration fail to take action to protect the American people?

Jake Pickering Arcata, Calif.


Democrat 'Leaders' MIA

Once again, the craven "centrists" in control of the Democratic Party are poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain political victory this November.

The Democratic Party's national "leadership" has imposed the equally thoughtless and spineless congressional campaign strategy of silencing talk of impeachment until after the November general election. Registered Independents and Democratic voters overwhelmingly favor the eagerly anticipated Bush/Cheney Impeachment. The only group of Americans who are opposed to impeachment are -- not surprisingly -- Republicans.

Victory in congressional campaigns (in off-year elections, especially) has always depended upon which political party is most effective at mobilizing their core constituencies, not attracting defectors from the other side! This ineffective DLC closet-Republican strategy of focusing the Democratic Party's congressional campaign message at so-called "swing voters" at the fatal expense of neglecting to motivate and turn out the Democratic base has continually proven to be not only an electoral catastrophe, but cowardly as well. (In this June's primary election in California, the statewide voter turnout was only 28%!)

The illegitimate, un-American Bush/Cheney regime has produced such notable Republican Party triumphs as: stealing our elections, facilitating the Enron heist, 9/11, the failed "hunt" for Bush Crime Family business partner Osama bin Laden, the unnecessary quagmire in Iraq on behalf of the oil companies and continuing lies about nonexistent "weapons of mass destruction," attempted Social Security privatization/embezzlement, the disastrous federal government "response" to Hurricane Katrina and unconstitutional domestic surveillance of tens of millions of innocent American citizens -- without probable cause -- as required by the Fourth Amendment.

After all that, you would think that Democratic Party "leaders" would be able to locate their backbones, but we the people are still waiting.

Jake Pickering Arcata, Calif.


'Derriere-gate' exposes editor's neoconservatism

by Glenn Franco Simmons, 11/11/2006

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall,” Proverbs 16:18.

I should have read that Proverb last week before I sent an e-mail that has turned into a media scandal, for I have been humbled by none other than Jake Pickering.

And the crime for which I’m being pilloried? I e-mailed Jake and used an er, uh, three-letter-word reference to his hindquarters when I asked him how come he got his “derriere” kicked so bad in the race for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District board.

Pickering, you might not know, is the woeful candidate who competed against Bruce Rupp for that post and lost in a landslide.

Being an editor, former athlete and current sports fan, I’m usually quite succinct and direct with my words, and my reference to his derriere is a common question many NFL fans answer each Monday morning (especially the Niners faithful like me).

In a stupor of riding high from the recent Democratic electoral victories, good ol’ Jake hit the list serves or blogs, from what I am told, in an attempt to embarrass me by alerting the world to the “news” that I actually used a common sports phrase to describe his anatomy and electoral meltdown.

Even my good friend at The Arcata Eye, Kevin Hoover, e-mailed me to alert me to my sudden popularity.

Admittedly, I could have chosen different words, and I offered my apology to Jake, whose spirited columns in The Eureka Reporter reflect what some may consider his paranoid self-delusions about Sept. 11.

Jake even took his complaint to the Times-Standard, whose city editor, Dave Rosso, did his job and e-mailed me, wanting to know if I “actually sent this e-mail to Pickering.”

Yes, sir, I said. No spin machine here.

In that vein, here is what Rosso sent me, in part, from Pickering:

“My name is Jake Pickering. I was a candidate for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (Division 4) in the November 7 general election. I received approximately 21 percent of the vote from Eureka’s voters. I also received the following e-mail from the Eureka Reporter’s managing editor Glenn Franco Simmons. ...

“P.S. I’m assuming Mr. Simmons is gloating over my loss in the most minor of political races to compensate for his neoconservatives’ national electoral disgrace. That’s OK; it’s a trade I’m willing to make — the water board for the Congress! I believe we progressives got the better end of that deal. Bring on the impeachment!”

I told Rosso that I had previously bantered back and forth with Jake and really meant it in jest — a kind of jousting between two very different individuals whose beliefs are a world apart.

In fact, Jake is more likely to be found in the Twilight Zone.

But, Jake then brought up a column he wrote about Ann Coulter that I rejected as juvenile and told Rosso (who is a good guy just doing his job) that I was hardly being humorous, which is true in this case because Jake used such juvenile terms as Ann “Adam’s Apple” Coulter, Ann “The Man” Coulter, “Andy” Coulter, Ann “The Crying Game” Coulter and “Trannie” Annie Coulter.

Get my point?

Despite his failed attempt at originality, I must give Jake some credit here. His complaints about Ann Coulter were echoed by numerous community residents, and Coulter’s lack of decency led to the demise of her column in The Eureka Reporter.

In the same column, Jake wrote, “Whether you can handle the truth or not, the 9/11 Truth Movement is growing by leaps and bounds here at home in the United States with every passing day, and the foolish fascist tools at Fox ‘News’ will not be able to stop us.

“All around the world, people are becoming increasingly aware of the massive archives of indisputable visual and scientific evidence proving (the) Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld regime’s complicity. Three thousand of our fellow human beings were murdered on September 11, 2001, on the orders of homegrown, state-sponsored terrorist traitors illegitimately occupying the White House and Pentagon. 9/11 was an inside job. Wake up, people!”

Need I say more?

(Glenn Franco Simmons is The Eureka Reporter’s managing editor.)